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Sync between iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch. Notes Made Simple. "10 Best Note Applications for iPhone"
"A great productivity tool delivers exactly as promised."
"Noteworthy. A Top 20 Productivity App in iTunes."
"This is a very well thought out app."
"This app is an extremely welcome improvement..."
"This app is awesome!"
One Universal Cloud. All Devices.

4Notes syncs wirelessly to the cloud (Press Start Games Account Required) through any WiFi, 3G, or EDGE Connection. Create or update your notes from your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. When you make a change on one device, your change will seamlessly update to your other devices through the cloud.

If you're offline, 4Notes saves your updates until the next time you start the application or update the note with a connection. In other words, syncing just works, no matter what device you are using.

4Notes is a Universal Application. This means that for one price, you get 4Notes for iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. There is no need to buy a "HD" or "for iPad" version of 4Notes. Pay once and use everywhere.

Like String around your Finger

Ever have a note you wish you could remember when you needed to? Now, the app will let you know what you need to remember.

With version 2.0, you can set reminders to any note in your list. Set the date and time for the reminder, and we'll alert you, no matter if the app is running or not (iOS4 required. iPhone only. iPad Coming Soon).

With 4Notes, schedule up to 128 simultaneous notifications**. It's like having an unlimited amount of string in your pocket to tie around your finger.

Not on iOS4? We highly recommend it, but if you're utilizing a lower version, 4Notes updates its graphical user interface to maximize your time.

Multitasking. No Work on your Part

4Notes has been redesigned to take advantage of iOS4 (iPhone only. iPad Coming Soon). 4Notes saves your state when you go to another application, and puts you right where you want to be when you return. It will even sync your data again.

4Notes also continues to sync your information if you leave the app before all notes are synced to the cloud (iPhone only. iPad Coming Soon). There is never a need to wait after updating a note.

With 4Notes, there is never a time your notes should not be synced. 4Notes syncs when it starts, when your notes are updated, and when the application is terminated or sent to the background.

The best part? There's no "Sync" button. Use 4Notes naturally, and your notes automatically sync to the cloud. It's the way it was meant to be.

Incredibly Fast Categorize your Life Tag Favorites
4Notes is Fast! Along with blazing fast table scrolling, 4Notes allows for real-time search of your notes. Just touch the search bar and start typing. Your life needs order, and so do your notes. Filter notes by categories, such as work, personal, or create your own. All notes are not created equal. Tag notes to visually stick out when the application is open.
URLs, Email, and Numbers Register within 4Notes Too Much to Tell...
4Notes allows users to tap any URL, phone number, and email address within the note and open the corresponding application (such as Safari). Sign up and get syncing in 1 minute flat. Register for a Press Start Games account right within 4Notes. With 4Notes, there is so much power wrapped in simplicity. drag/drop support, email in-app, better accessibility. We don't have room to tell you about it all.
Media Interest? Click here for sample screenshots and our application icon.
Some features, including Multitasking, require iOS4 and compatible hardware.
**iOS4 allows 128 simultaneous notifications. Other applications that utilize this functionality may make the maximum number of notifications available to 4Notes less than 128.

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